What, Why and How of Business Facilitation

 What is a Business Facilitator?

Coaching has been around for a long time in sport but only made the leap to business about twelve years ago. The concept of using a coach within a business environment actually makes a lot of sense. Coaches push athletes to reach their optimum performance and motivate them when the going gets tough, so business coaches assist owners and proprietors overcome the difficult challenges they face in running their businesses and help them attain their dreams and objectives.

Why do I need a Business Facilitator/Coach?

Business Coaches are often asked what they can teach someone who has worked in their business, probably for many years. The answer can be found by returning to a sporting analogy. Why do even talented athletes (Tiger Woods has 5 Coaches) employ coaches when they are undoubtedly good at what they do? The answer is that coaches are able to recognize the full extent of an athlete’s potential, know how to tap into it, and then use their skills to guide the athlete to winning ways. In the same way, business coaches have the tools, the vision and motivation to help business owners and their businesses perform to their true potential.

How will a Business Facilitator/Coach help me?

For too long, business owners have had no-one to turn to for help in tackling the core issues that prevent them from achieving the success they are capable of. Delegation is a big problem as is time, team and money.                     .

For example, if your business completely revolves around you to the extent that if you’re not there, you worry that the business will suffer – then you are using your time just to work in the business, with the result that it becomes difficult, if not impossible, to manage and develop effectively. Business coaches often say your business should work hard so you don’t have to!                                   .

If time is an issue, then the chances are that to move your business forward you will need to build a Team. Great teams don’t just happen; they need to be recruited, trained & motivated. This is a daunting task for many business owners because they often lack the skills & experience required not just to find the right people, but to create the internal systems that will enable them to operate effectively & without constant supervision.

However, the main reason that business owners decide to work with business coaches is money. They realize that they are simply not earning enough to remunerate them for all of the hard work they are putting in. In effect, they want a better return on their investment, or simply want to achieve their own personal financial objective or ambition – whether it is a house in the sun or a brand new Porsche.


Why have a Coach:-      

      *  CAN see the forest for the trees;
      *  Passes on knowledge;
      *  Provides accountability, motivation and focus;
      *  Has strategies ,systems which have been tried, tested and proven;
      *  Provides a sounding board;.
      *  Assists, trains and improves your TEAM;

      *  Regular Business Workshops;
      *  You become part of the Business Community, networking with other Businesses;
      *  Results - A number of strategies coming together to get the benefits you want.

What is the first step?

Many businesses throughout Australia have benefited greatly from using the services of a Business Coach and are now enjoying the resulting financial and lifestyle rewards.

To find out how your business could profit from business coaching, contact Mark Carn on 8295 2742 or e-mail mark@sabss.com.au


This is the first step to taking your business to the next level                          and achieving the success that you deserve

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