Strategic Planning


A Strategic Planning Session and setting a Strategic Plan are essential for all Businesses and Organisations. Strategic planning is looking at where a business operates now, establishing Business Goals and then planning and setting strategies to achieve these goals.

Area covered in a Strategic Planning Workshop can include:-

         Review previous year/year’s performance and results;

         Look at current situation;

         Complete a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis;

         The need for Strategic Planning;

         Concepts  including ‘Business is Growing or Dying’; ‘Sigmoid Curve’; Kaizen Principle; ‘Change or Extinction’;

        Benefits of Strategic Planning;

         Look at future opportunities and growth;

         Look at possible challenges, changes in the Industry;

         Look at strategic priorities and goals;

         Review Resources required;

         Plan future strategies, Key Actions to take Business forward;

         Be strategically placed for the future.


I can assist in facilitating and delivering strategic Planning Sessions and Strategic Plans which will have  your business set up for future growth and success. 

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