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Marketing has changed substantially over the last few years, What worked some years ago, may not now. There a number of new Marketing concepts, ideas, methods and strategies that all Businesses need to keep up to date with.

Bottom Line - As Business Owners we need to understand that we are not in business, but rather in the: Marketing of our business. That’s the bottom line. This acceptance of your role as Marketer is paramount to changing the size of your bank balance and gaining a measure of success otherwise unattainable. Let’s face it, in any Business…the best Marketer wins! 

Make the Marketing connection and get new enquiries and leads for your Business. Complete the On Line complimentary Marketing Audit which will tell you where your Business Marketing is at. It will only take about 7 minutes to complete

This MARKETING AUDIT will assist us assess the current Marketing of your Business and reveal opportunities and potential for Growth and increased Profit. This will help you to plan and achieve great results and healthy returns on your marketing investment -  Go to this link to complete


Marketing Program

I conduct a short Program solely on Marketing Your Business, where I can assist you to set up and understand Marketing Concepts and strategies. See below for details.

  1. Marketing Audit – A two page document/questionnaire which will reveal your present Marketing, Business/Marketing goals and provide opportunities for growth and increased profit;
  2. Marketing Your Business – A two hour workshop style presentation with your key Staff on understanding Business Marketing and how to obtain mastery in the marketing aspects of your Business (see Workshops details Page 2) – includes a Workbook of everything covered;
  3. Marketing Concepts – Provision of over 20 Marketing concepts which need to be considered when undertaking Marketing;
  4. E-Book – Provision of an E-Book ‘How to avoid the top 10 Marketing Mistakes’;
  5. Provision of several templates which will be used to formulate a Marketing Plan;
  6. Formulation of your Marketing Plan – A list of lead generation and marketing strategies that will fill your Marketing funnel and  bring the desired enquiries and leads for your Business;
  7. Three Coaching Sessions (by telephone) –To assist you to formulate, action and execute your Marketing Program and strategies required;
  8. Attendance at Actions next Workshop or Business Success Session – Quarterly Planning Day (held each quarter);
  9. Supply of a Business book - ‘Instant Cash Flow’ which helps business owners maximize their business profits through smart and proven business and marketing strategies.
  10. Personal Development CD – ‘Psychology of Achievement ‘– Brian Tracy


Normally the Program takes two to three months to complete, but will depend on time and commitment put in by the Business Owner.


Focus, direction, clarity, motivation, ideas, strategies, systems, structure and accountability to develop and improve the Marketing in your Business.

This will assist you to achieve great results and healthy returns on your marketing investment.


Undertaking the Business Marketing Program will move you forward so you set the foundations for your Business. It will assist you to improve and grow your Business and achieve want you want in your life.

Financially you may make thousands of $$$$$$$$’s extra by implementing these Marketing ideas, knowledge and strategies.


‘Hi Mark, just wanted to thank you for yesterdays Business Marketing Presentation. I found it very informative and am currently updating my Marketing Folder. I did a degree in Marketing at University, but I actually got a lot more out of the session, as I found it more appropriately geared towards Businesses. Talking to and hearing from other Business Owners spurred my mind into action, and I have so many good ideas floating about. Anyway- great job and thank you.’  Tamara – ‘DBG Technologies’, Pirie Street, Adelaide


  • Marketing Opportunities
  • What is Marketing?
  • Profitable Marketing
  • Marketing Measurements
  • Acquisition Costs & Lifetime Value
  • The Marketing Rule of 10 x 10
  • Five Ways to Grow your Business
  • Five Marketing Questions
  • Developing and using a Marketing Plan
  • How to ‘farm’ for more Leads
  • How to ‘pull’ customers towards your Business
  • Guerilla Marketing concepts
  • Internet and Social Media Marketing
  • Marketing Essentials
  • Over 100 Marketing Strategies.


Your investment can be paid by instalments and is a Tax deduction.


100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee - If you fully participate in THE Marketing Program (you attend all sessions and do all the work required) and you don’t feel that you have received the value, you will receive a full refund. 


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