The book Good to Great explores what goes into a company's transformation from mediocre to excellent.

Based on hard evidence and volumes of data, the book author (Jim Collins) and his team uncover timeless principles on how the good-to-great companies do it.

It lists how they grow, how they attain superior performance, and how good companies can become great companies. The findings and concepts of the book can be easily used by any Business.

Level 5 Leadership, Discipline, getting the right people on the Bus (team), Flywheel principle (momentum), Vision, Planning, Hedgehog Concept (understanding what you can be best at, having the drive, being passionate) are all areas that can be introduced into an Organisation.

Do you want your Business to go from Good to Great?

Business Coaching, Leadership, Team Growth and involvement, Systems, Profitability, Goal setting, Planning and Motivation are strategies which can be used to take your Business forward and move from Good to Great.



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