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What you don't know can kill you!

Our goal as Business Owners is to create profit and cash flow every month, every quarter, every year.

The mother of Sustainability is knowing your financial numbers. Measurement is what allows you to run your business INSTEAD OF YOUR BUSINESS RUNNING YOU.

Once you implement a system that measures your financial results and activities, then you have the confidence to immediately know how to focus to increase profits and cash flow. 

A successful business owner will have a strong understanding of the numbers that drive their business. They will be able to track when sales are slow or if the list of debtors is increasing, and react to it. They will be able to forecast cash flow and allocate working capital to proper levels.

That is why it is important to complete a Business Dashboard on a monthly basis so you can assess your key Financial numbers and drivers and see the results in your Business. 

Have a read of  this document which explains the Business Dashboard and let know if you wish to see an example.

I have developed a simple template so you can easily put together a Dashboard for your Business.

Reply by e-mail to and I will give you a call to discuss how simple this process is.


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